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You must be thinking about what an office automation system is and why is it so important?

Well, an office automation system is a network of computers and software that enables the digitization of office work. It may involve the collection, storage, transmission, and creation of data in different forms. The goal is to make the daily office more efficient and less labor-intensive.

Here is a list of the 5 Best office automation systems for you.

1. Lighting Control System

Who doesn’t want to work in an office which has a smart lighting system? At Luxtac, we offer office lighting design that enables you to control the most significant energy consumption devices. Our office lighting design enables switching on/off scheduling, occupancy sensing, daylight energy saving, and lighting control according to climate.

Our office lighting system is smart, secure, and easy to run; it responds to employers’ lighting needs within the office building and applies load shedding measures during peak times.

2. Electronic Publishing System

Electronic Publishing is the digitization of documents which means literature is published in digital form rather than in print form. However office electronic publishing system is a bit different.

Electronic publishing system in office automation mainly involves word processing and desktop publishing. Word processing is creating, editing, storing, and printing office memos, letters, reports, and manuscripts. Desktop publishing enables employees to merge images and texts together in the form of presentations and other digital formats.

3. Office Management System

Office management system means that you use computerized methods for managing your official documentation. It includes electronic scheduling, employee management, and inventory management.

Tasks like maintaining a database of employees, assigning tasks, and taking care of inventory require extensive paperwork and hours of work. But deploying office management reduces your workload and reduces any chances of human error. Moreover, reporting and analytics feature allows you to evaluate performance based on data.

4. Task Managing System

Sometimes juggling between multiple tasks and managing teammates get extremely difficult for managers, especially if you do it manually.

Task management systems save you the hassle of managing different projects simultaneously and help you keep track of your tasks and deadlines. A Task managing system is an essential part of an office management system. It allows you to keep track of all your projects and prioritize tasks according to their importance and deadlines. It also allows you to communicate with your teammates and maintains a record as well.

5. Access Control System

An office is a sensitive place, and there are some highly confidential data that only authorized people should access. Access Control system gives you peace of mind and takes full responsibility for protecting your premises and sensitive data.

An access control system controls and regulates the entries of a building. It only allows authorized people to enter a building or room and alarms if an unauthorized person tries to access your confidential data. Another key feature of the access control system is that it maintains a record of all the entries and exits along with a timestamp.