Office automation system refers to the automation system that offices have between hardware, software, and office appliances. Most office automation systems include Led panel screen, lighting control, and automatic coffee machines. Other automatic software systems include automatic email responses. Creating, manipulation and deletion of data are also included in automatic software systems. These systems improve the workflow of most employees and help them work better. These systems help save time and reduce costs in the long term.

Here are six advantages of an office automation system.


6 Advantages of Using Office Automation System in Your Office

The first advantage of using an office automation system is data storage and manipulation.


Data Storage and Manipulation:

Data is an essential part of any company, and it means that data should be automatically stored for every employee and updated automatically. These include data applications that can create, manipulate and delete data. Data applications can create spreadsheets, images and edit a document. There are also several word processing and desktop presentation packages available.

The second advantage is our list includes data management.


Data Management:

Data management is an essential part of an office automation system. It basically involves a strategy that simplifies and manages the data that is being stored. Large companies can view and control various projects and activities within the office through an office automation system.

Programs that can trigger tickler systems, reminder systems, or task management are some features that make an office automation system a necessity in an office striving in the 21st century.

The third advantage is Data exchange.


Data Exchange:

Data exchange is also very important; exchanging stored data and recreating new data through that data exchange is also very important. All of this is possible through an electronic transfer application. Through an application, you can create, manipulate and delete data. By using a network connection, you can, within a few seconds, send all data and content, including text documents, presentations, spreadsheets, photographs, and videos, which are submitted in real-time.

The fourth advantage is accuracy.



Machines are pretty accurate and work much better than any human can. They work on time and always 100% efficient at what they are programmed to do. So it’s best to use applications or software that are programmed well that don’t require many fixes from programmers or IT experts.

The fifth advantage is it saves time.


Saves Time

It saves time. Basically, if a machine is accurate and is 100% efficient, of course, it will save time and solve things much faster than any human can do. Machines save time by solving complex problems, and hence they save money and time. What might take a single human to do eight tasks? A machine might do the same task but 16 more times. Since computers and microcontrollers are improving on a daily basis, you can expect they might become even more efficient in the near future.

The sixth advantage is reducing costs.


Reduces Cost:

Since every office is automated, it means that it reduces cost overall. Having to not hire more employees and having a single machine saves a lot of time. Employees might take a leave, but a machine might stay there and do your work. So it’s best to have a machine that can solve complex problems inside your problem. So overall, it’s best to install an office automation system in your office.



The home automation system is not a new term. It has been shown in several movies and TV shows. We always wonder if it’s possible to have robots work for us and bring us a glass of beer or bring us the TV remote.

Although this type of technology isn’t there yet but in a few years, we will see robots do work and humans slack in our sofas. Right now, the best thing is the Samsung fridge that can bring you snacks and bottles while you sit on the sofa. You can also do home automation systems with Google, Alexa or Install a home automation system in your house. You can basically turn off lights by just opening your smart phone. Lighting experts provide this lighting control that you can find in Luxtac.


How does this work?

This works through the power of microcontrollers. Microcontrollers are small computers that receive commands and work on them. The microcontroller or microprocessor lets you control your house. Since these microcontrollers are connected to the internet, you can easily sit on your sofa and control basically everything in your house, from lighting control to turn off your TV using voice or touching your smart phone. Some examples of automation include:


  • Setting up a time when you get coffee.
  • Leaving the room and the lights turn off automatically.
  • You use voice commands to turn on or turn off lights inside your house.
  • Your garage door opens automatically when you are in front of it, and it also closes off automatically as well.

There are many more examples that you can find on home automation systems. Most people forget or are too busy to turn off the lights. It’s best for them to install a home automation system in their homes, which will help them save time. Most of these home automation system have sensors connected to your rooms. Whenever you leave the room, the lights turn off, or if you clap, all the lights turn off. These kinds of systems are installed by experts who know what to do. So, it’s best to choose experts that are found in Luxtac. So you might be wondering how our experts will install a home automation system in your house.


How Will We Install a Home Automation System in Your House?

We are a well-known company when it comes to installing home automation systems in Malaysia. We also have several light experts who know how to deal with lighting controls and bring out the best mood outside and inside of your house. We strive to make lighting an art in Malaysia, and we can assure you that you won’t be dissatisfied with our services. You don’t have to worry much, and our experts will install everything that is needed. We also have light experts that do a better job than all landscapers in Malaysia. Here are some advantages of hiring our light experts:


Light Knowledge:

Most light designers have light knowledge. As they are experts in this area, they know what light will affect the scenario. An expert will take the blueprint, and after looking at it for a while, he or she will determine what light suits best for this situation. Not only do they come with an amazing plan, but they make sure light reaches areas where it couldn’t reach before. Here at Luxtac, our light designers are experts and come with a COLD tag to rest easy. COLD means Certified Outdoor Lighting Designer.



Most landscapers don’t have an idea when it comes to lighting, and that’s why we recommend having a light designer expert renovate your light scheme in your house. Another advantage of having a light designer is that they might create new designs and outlets for light bulbs that bring out the best mood in the house. Light designers are experts, which is their Art, so it’s best to hire light experts than local landscapers.


Lighting inspires life and form to uninviting settings. It highlights all the intricacies ingrained within the architectural endeavors, bringing one’s mind to appreciate everything from a single stroke on a wall to deep lines within ceilings. Without a hint of doubt, it has always been of utmost significance to photographers that capture various architectural beauties because its omission from the surface translates into monotony. This also means, lighting systems hold great importance for people working or living inside the buildings too.

Where for sure it adds a touch of convenience in your life, modern innovative lighting systems are made to connect with each other in a way they can be operated and controlled from a single point. In this blog write-up, we will go over some of those office lighting plans that make working both inspiring and enjoyable!

In the past, the lighting used to be much of an ignored thing. Whenever we talked about it, we would only consider the manufactured components and not the deep integration of different solutions that harmonize everything. However, today, with all the resources and research we have on our hands, it entails distinction in terms of designs, integration, and control.


Office Automation System

Offices are places where productivity and efficiency hold great importance. With that in mind, lighting systems are needed to be integrated in a way the workforce can operate at a rapid speed without running into problems. Lighting is one thing that should be the least of concerns, meaning those must be adequately designed to be controlled and managed from a single point with a great level of customization.

An office home automation system is what comes in handy in these instances. It ensures that all your light bulbs and other lighting devices are well connected using wifi, meaning you don’t have to toggle them on or off thousand times over. In fact, you dont even have to be at that place to do it. With an app or software, you can be sitting in your office and switch off the lights in the warehouse to avoid spending huge figures on electricity bills and continue with your highly productive work.

Moreover, an office automation system can be created to operate automatically using motion-sensing features and much more. For instance, if someone walks into the kitchen to make a cup or two of coffee, only then will the bulb switch on. This ensures enhanced efficiency!


Lighting design plans you should consider!

When it comes to a top-notch work environment, lighting isn’t just constricted to the general lighting system that gets the job done. Instead, it goes a length ahead to add more personality and personalization in the setting. This can be achieved by integrating accent lights, decorative wall lights, pendant lights, and much more. These not only enhance the overall mood and feel of the place but also win customer attraction and appeal, which can go a long way into elevating your brand’s image and reputation.

Also, lighting design plans must also make the best possible use of ceilings. Ceilings cover the entire real estate of your office, and integrating them with various lights can make your space look bigger, open, and more breathable.

When talking about any sort of lighting solution, Luxtac is a name that must come to your mind! We have been working in the field for years now and, therefore, have excellent knowledge along with practical understanding to help you build the most functional and aesthetically pleasing lighting solutions. We can guarantee to bring life to your existing and new work offices!


For the longest time, lighting systems used to be simple and straightforward. They had nothing to do with the convenience and complexity of automation systems that let all the lights connect and form a web of integration. This meant that home automation systems such as Google home were something one could only imagine or dream about. Lighting solutions used to be highly inefficient as they had to be controlled from their own points and sockets, meaning if they weren’t switched off, they could very well suck electricity for days!

With such an inefficient system, electricity waste was a huge problem. The high figures you could be seeing on your bills could be particularly and only because of those unaccounted lights, and you wouldn’t even know about them!

However, today things have changed by a huge margin! Not only are manufacturers more and more into lighting automation, but people have also transitioned towards them. Home and office owners want their lights to be controlled from a central location more than once, while virtual assistants such as Siri and Google assistant are on an unprecedented rise.

In this blog article, we will see what makes lighting automation so great that we think your next budget estimates should consider them as a top investment!


Cost savings

All kinds of Lighting automation have one thing in common: they enable excellent savings! Having a few tens or hundreds of light bulls spread across the entire real estate of your home or office means you don’t know what lights are left turned on at any particular time of the day. And moreover, to make matters even worse, you can’t control them without shifting places and hampering your productivity.

However, light automation systems have enabled you to control and monitor all your lights from a single app or software. You can be sitting, doing all your work in your office, and still turn off that one light in the living room that was left turned on! This bridges the complication it takes to cover the physical distance that, otherwise, is a huge problem.

Moreover, automation apps also let you monitor the usage of your lights. You can know the exact power consumption of your light bulbs to see how much of your cash goes into them. This allows even better control over how you manage them to make cuts where they can be made!


With automation systems such as Google home light control, you can let your lighting solution converse and talk with other kinds of automation systems such as door locks. This means whenever a certain function is performed on one end of the system; a consequent effect can be created on the other one.

Products equipped with Google home light control are considered great in this regard as they can utilize Google home as the controlling brain of the system. Moreover, such integrations can be made in no time, meaning it doesn’t require complex programming or technical expertise. A mere wifi connection is enough to do the job!

Peace of mind

Home and office automation systems also bring peace of mind to one’s life. You can stop worrying about how many lights in your office were left turned on by verifying through the app and use the same app to turn them off.

Luxtac is a lighting design company that specializes in all sorts of lighting solutions for your home and office. We can build you plans that allow the utmost levels of comfort, savings, and convenience at the best prices.


Do you still think that you need to get off your bed, move downstairs, take a right towards your kitchen and turn off that toaster physically?! If yes, it’s about time that you change the way you perceive because, in recent times, countless technological developments have been made on smart home automation and integration that make it a breeze to control and operate your appliances from a single point! We believe that smart homes are the future that we deserve and need! What makes a smart home automation system so great are the benefits associated with investing in it! It completely revolutionizes the way we think about controlling our appliances as all devices are made to talk, converse and tie together in harmony. For instance, you can set a certain timer for your toaster to kick-off, inducing your heating system to turn off, which can further stimulate your lights to turn on. In this way, all different types of appliances and devices can be controlled to make your life both easier and enjoyable!


Smart Home Automation As The Future

When we talk about the future of homes and residential buildings, smart homes are one of the first few things that come to our minds. While, for sure, it’s the novelty factor that draws people’s interest and appeals towards it, there are numerous benefits associated with it that make it so special. It changes how we interact with our house in both emotional and functional aspects. For instance, having a toaster that turns on automatically and readies the morning’s meal without requiring your physical input is nothing but magical; something that carves a smile on your face and makes you feel more personal and attached to your home! Today, more and more appliances are equipped with smart home integration. It’s for a reason that these top-of-the-line manufacturers consider it as an integral part of our lives. While they spend billions of dollars on it, they have their reasons to do it. This makes it apparent that all homes need to be smart, or else we would be left behind.



Smart home software such as Google smart home provides a central location to operate and handle your smart devices. This brings to the surface the all-important convenience factor! You can know simple things such as operating an app and become able to control every single appliance at your home. All it takes is a central app or point to manage and interact with your home. Moreover, it also makes it extremely easy to add more devices to your home and control them because the essential portal remains the same. This means you don’t have to go through any learning curve! Also, smart home automation can include all sorts and types of devices. Everything from lights to heating systems to fridges can be managed using universal software. This eliminates the gap between devices, making them work more effectively and efficiently. Smart home devices can all be controlled using a phone. This makes your phone work essentially as a remote control. You can be in your car and tell your AC to turn on so that you don’t have to deal with the scorching summer heat by the time you reach. Apps such as Google Smart home make it possible! Lighting solutions can be integrated into your smart home automation too! Luxtac excels in building lighting plans for commercial or residential uses that can harness the power of the internet to allow enhanced and effective management.

Lighting & Remodeling – Two Perfect Companions

Your home remodels project needs so much to consider, from the color scheme to changes in a room’s layout and infrastructure. After deciding the budget, a contractor is selected, and remodeling starts. But this remodel project is incomplete without a lighting plan.

Lighting design matters!

Lighting is one of the significant aspects of any home design that contributes to safety and practical purposes. Proper lighting design is also beneficial in accentuating every style that you adopt for your living space.

What Goes Into a Lighting Design?

Your lighting design for home remodeling must be pretty straightforward. In the context of planning, the  lighting designer Malaysia suggests considering the following points:

Purpose of Your Living Space Matters:

Consider the intent of the room is the base of lighting design. Every room has its particular purpose for which that room is redesigned. With the change in room purpose, the differences in the lighting of the rooms are a must.

Do you have to consider that for what reasons your recently remodeled space going to act?

Whether it will be an office room or a living room?

According to lighting designer Malaysia, the family room needs ambient lighting while the office space might call for task lighting.

Make Lighting a Forethought Option:

Most of our lighting choices are made afterthoughts when we take remodeling decisions. However, the expert lighting designer Malaysia suggests that lighting decisions be made early in the planning process. Before making lighting choices, ask yourself what kind of environment you want to reveal. First, decide the points or areas you want to highlight in a room to help you with lighting decisions.

Decide on a Lighting Focal Point:

Chandeliers, sconces, mirrors, and all other fixtures should not be of the same size and scale. It confuses everyone, and the mind searches for visual clarification without landing on something particular. You can use a chandelier as a perfect focal point for a wide area, such as a dining room or a family room. In a smaller space, use a piece of wall art with a distinctive floor lamp or vintage-inspired floor lamps flanking on a piece of wall art.

Dim Stuff Downs:

Try implementing dimmers to monitor the volume when installing new lighting. Dimmers are energy-saving, but they can also help create the perfect mood in a space for the occasion. Dimmers can instantly change a room’s atmosphere, and they also help you save on your electricity bill.

Layer Lighting Brings a Balanced Effect:

Layers are really critical when it comes to illumination. For the best balance lighting design, target at least three light sources in each room, including the foyer. Just don’t forget the accent layer, which shows the extra details you used to finish your spaces. In small rooms, the lamp wattage and the light fixtures’ height can be lowered to cover fewer square feet.

Unexpected Way of Lighting:

Lighting is more than just overhead fixtures and compact lights. Installation of practical job lighting is essential, but you can use lighting pops to give your home an unusual glow and a personal touch. Use some outside box lighting ideas like illuminate a bookcase with mini lights to spotlight artwork or use hanging pendants or other show items.