Luxtac has experts that can do lighting design for you. We can also help you out with some lightning tips from our experts. These tips will bring some new mood and aesthetic to your room. It’s better to buy a plan with us, where we renovate your house with the best lights that bring out the best mood even in dark areas. But, if you want to see for yourself how much lighting can change a perspective and aesthetic of a house, check this article and if you are satisfied, give us a call and bring out even better lighting, aesthetic, and mood to your house. But before we get into it, here are some basic terms you should understand.


Lighting Plan:

A lighting plan basically means a plan that shows the footwork of all the lights of your house. It even shows where lights can be installed and changing which lights can bring out the aesthetic and mood of a room or your house. There are three layers to a basic lighting plan, and those are:


  • task
  • ambient
  • accent


Task lighting means areas where lighting is required for specific tasks. Such as a working desk in an office or a room. Office lighting design has various areas where you can find task lighting, and it’s pretty common.


The second layer is the ambient layer. Basically, this layer involves the illumination of an area. It increases the overall illumination of a specific area. One expert working in Luxtac points out that soft lighting is usually used near walls, and hard lighting is used outside. Ambient lighting brings out the creative side of things and is very crucial to lighting design.


The third layer is the accent layer; this layer shows all the visual appliances in an office or inside the house. These lighting can be in various sockets and shine directly on the appliance. The accent layer can have lighting of different colors such as green, blue, or any other sophisticated color.


How to create a floor plan?

Now you know the basic terms, it’s now time for you to create your own floor plan. Here are five tips related to creating the best floor plan.


  • Draw a floor plan

This might sound simple, but it is not. You first have to visualize where you are going to put lights inside your house and how many lights you need. Make sure you include windows and door positioning in your floor plan. This helps you in determining where each light will look best

  • Think about the task layer

Think about the task layer. You should know where you should insert lighting that will affect task performance. Most task lighting is above the desk, presumably the ceiling.

  • Check Ambience and accent layer
  • Add Ambience and accent lighting

After you have determined where to put your task layers and have checked where ambiance and accent lighting can be inserted, it’s time to add these lights to your list and which color will suit them best.

  • Define total cost

Define the total cost of your floor plan, and check if it fits your budget. Overspending might damage your wallet, so it’s best to be under budget.

  • Select lights that fit your budget

After selecting, install the lights, and voila, you have a proper lighting plan. However, we at Luxtac would advise hiring proper lighting experts that can help you out in each step; they will create a plan for you and pick out the best lighting in the market that will satisfy your lighting plans for your house.

5 Best Home Automation Systems

You must have heard the concept of a home automation system over the last few years. But do you exactly know how much beneficial it is?

Basically, it connects the software and hardware by a wireless network to control the home appliances by a single device such as a tablet, Smartphone, or a control hub system. These devices can be controlled remotely.

The system helps in controlling appliances, door locks, temperature, lighting, and much more. Smart home automation devices can make your home more convenient and secure.

Here we have listed the best home automation systems that will help you and your home. Here are a list five best home automation systems for you.

1. Google Home Light Control

Google Home is considered the best home automation system for your homes. It takes direct control of several smart appliances by using just Google assistant and voice commands. Using Google home, you can control over 50,000 appliances, including TVs, thermostats, speakers, or displays. For this purpose, you have to first set up your device in Google home. Once done with that, inform Google Home by using voice commands to perform actions such as to control lights, dim or brighten the lights, turn your lights on or off, change the light color, or set up brightness level.

Through Google home light control, your lights can also be controlled via text. No doubt, it is the best automation system for the safety of your home devices and appliances. Hence, Google home light control makes the display easier and helps access media and manage tasks by just voice and text.

2. Amazon Echo Automation

The amazon echo home automation system is a leading hub that uses Alexa’s voice-powered technology. It can be connected to a cloud-based service to provide music, set up times and alerts, and make calls. The system consists of microphones and multiple speakers to make the accessible hearing.

3. Apple Homekit Automation

Apple Users usually use the Apple Homekit automation system to control and communicate with several appliances and smart devices remotely. Through Apple’s Home app, it is now much easier for you to control your HomeKit accessories. The home app has to be added manually by scanning printed code by iPhone or iPad. From security cameras to lights, door locks to thermostats, and even humidifiers, the Apple homeKit automation system is the best choice to fulfill your home automation needs.

4. Samsung Smart Things

Using Smart Things, your home can be turned into a smart home, thereby making your life safer, simple, and more entertaining. To control smart lights and use Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, all you need to do is add a Smart Things Wi-Fi hub to your Wi-Fi network. The application of Smart Things can work in both operating systems, Apple and Android. Samsung hub comes with a built-in power option. In case the power failure occurs, the system will continue to run.

5. Vivint Smart Home Automation

Vivint smart home devices are the best to opt for enhancing your safety and convenience, from smart door locks, lights, and sensors to security cameras. The system can be integrated with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and all those products that work with Vivint. Vivint system is not very cheap, but once installed, it gives you a comprehensive tour of its working.