Luxtac is a reputable brand in Malaysia. We strive to make lighting automation an art. We know when to work on lighting as lighting is important in every scenario. Lighting designer Malaysia knows which light mood is best for each scenario.

For those who are looking to do light automation themselves, I would advise hiring a lighting designer Malaysia just like Luxtac.


Why Should You Hire a Lighting Designer?

Here are the reasons you should hire a lighting designer. There are many reasons such as light knowledge, quality of lights, techniques, and many more. We will go into a brief discussion on these topics, so let’s just dive into it.


Light Knowledge:

Most light designers have light knowledge. As they are experts in this area, they know what light will affect the scenario. An expert will take the blueprint, and after looking at it for a while, he or she will determine what light suits best for this situation. Not only do they come with an amazing plan, but they make sure light reaches areas where it couldn’t reach before. Here at luxtac, all of our light designers are experts and come with a COLD tag to rest easy. COLD means Certified Outdoor Lighting Designer.


Quality of Lights:

Our experts pick the best quality of lights available in Malaysia. Our experts have access to materials that most home gardeners do not have. They also choose lights according to the specifications and make sure to keep the cost as low as possible. Quality is their number one priority, and they will make sure to satisfy you. Most lights will come with a one-year warranty period, so you can rest assured that they are replaceable.



LEDs are entering the market like crazy and have replaced most halogen lights. LEDs reduce overall electricity bill costs and are long-lasting.

Our lighting experts know what lights to use that use low voltage and how to correctly install them inside or outside of your house. Most landscapers don’t really have an idea when it comes to lighting, and that’s why we recommend having a light designer expert renovate your light scheme in your house. Another advantage of having a light designer is that they might create new designs and outlets for light bulbs that bring out the best mood in the house. Light designers are experts, which is their Art, so it’s best to hire light experts than local landscapers.



Light experts do their properly and clean. They don’t leave open wall outlets or wires hanging outside the wall. They don’t use tapes to bind two different wires. They use sockets that match the wall color and install lights based on the house’s mood. They bring out the colors out of the house. Allow our light designers to create the best lighting for your house, and we can assure you we can work way better than your local landscaper. We have expert light designers Malaysia who work the best and make sure you are satisfied.


Who are we?

Luxtac is a reputable brand in Malaysia. We strive to make lighting automation an art. We know when to work on lighting as lighting is important in every scenario. Lighting designer Malaysia knows which light mood is best for each scenario.

Lighting Guide for Smart Homes

Designing a smart home lighting automation is much more than the usual interior design considerations. You can do so much from smart fans to smart dimmers and smart hubs to elegant architecture to lift your home IQ. Whether it is Google Home, Amazon Alexa, or Apple Home Kit, it is independent of any proprietary app that works best for your smart home needs.

Linked lighting or lighting control is one of the first devices most homeowners invest in when outfitting a smart house. It is the power to monitor your home’s lighting system by tapping a button or just saying a command.

With smart home lighting automation, you get the lighting control of your home at your fingertips:

  • You can switch on your landscape lighting to greet you on your way home
  • Regulate the temperature of your home
  • Automate the lights to light up slowly every morning to wake you up
  • Play your favorite music in multiple rooms
  • Set up mood profiles for various events—such as house cleaning, dinner, and movie nights

It means you can regulate most smart home households without even swiping a finger, thanks to the intelligent voice assistants. Here are ways to make your home lighting smart:

Use Dimmers & Smart Switches:

Replacing the original switches and dimmers with Wi-Fi connected smart switches and dimmers is an easy way to transform existing hard-wired lights and fans into smart lights and fans. With smart controls in place, the lights will continue to work as they have in the past; only now you can control them from anywhere in the room—or anywhere in the world, depending on the signal power.

Lights With Occupancy Sensing:

The ability of smart lights to save energy and time is dependent on their motion-detection. Lights glow on as someone enters a room and switch off as they left the room. It controls the outdoor lights in a similar manner. You can configure these lights to experience activity at certain times of the day or make them adjusted to your timetable

Pairing With The Bluetooth:

Often a cordless and compact lighting feature that moves with you, indoors and outdoors, controls the lighting system with your tablet or Smartphone. Home lighting automation pairs to your Smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth, and it can be operated on the go without the wi-fi link that your smart devices need to run correctly.

Use Smart Fans:

You can call a smart fan a standalone device in your smart home lighting automation. These smart fans get activated using a voice assistant, allow you to control temperature, and sync with the smart thermostat.

Get Control of Your Smart Home:

Getting the lighting control of your smart home can be achieved with smartphones, laptops, in-wall sensors, and, most recently, voice assistants. When you choose an overarching framework, you should choose from one of the three major ones: Google, Amazon, or Apple. All three of these are perfect if you have several gadgets and you’re used to having a voice-activated assistant.