Types of LED panels

There are two types of screen for LED displays:

  1. Traditional (using separate LEDs)
  2. Surface mounted devices (SMD).

Most outdoor screens and indoor screens, also known as individually mounted LEDs, are built around discrete LEDs. A full-color pixel, ordinarily square in shape, is formed by driving a cluster of red, green, and blue diodes together. These pixels are spaced equally apart and are measured for absolute pixel resolution from center to center. To install most of the indoor LED panel screens on the market, this SMD technology is used. This trend is expanding to the outdoor market also.

The red, green, and blue diodes are mounted on a chipset and then mounted on the driver’s PC monitor from an SMD pixel. The individual diodes are even smaller than a pinhead and are set together very closely. Their overall viewing distance from a discrete diode screen of the same resolution is decreased by 25 percent.

Indoor usage typically includes an SMD-based LED panel screen with a minimum luminosity of 600 candelas per square meter (cd/m2, also informally called nits). Typically, this would be more than adequate for corporate and retail applications, but higher brightness will be needed under high ambient brightness conditions for visibility. Automotive shows and fashion shows commonly require this higher LED brightness.


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LED Panel Screen

An LED panel display is a flat panel display that uses a set of light-emitting diodes as pixels for a video unveil. Their luminosity enables them to be used for large billboards and shop signs outdoors where they are prominently visible in the light.

LED is considered as genuinely flexible display technology, and it is an excellent wonder, so many companies use it for:


Key Features:

  • Digital signage
  • Broadcast
  • LED video walls
  • Auditorium
  • Large meeting rooms
  • Broadcast
  • Front of the house
  • Applications for presentation and visualization
  • Simulation.

Innovations in display technology, such as Common Cathode and laser diode controls, have led to incredible developments with such flawless performance in various applications and environments. These innovations are dominated and served by LED panel screen.


Scientifically, the LED panel screen can be summarized as a semi-conductor that behaves in the same way as a transistor. It emits light when the voltage is passed through it. The red, green, and blue (RGB) LEDs collectively form ‘modules’ or ’tiles’ pixels arranged to form the viewing surface and can be customized. These modules can accommodate any display space as several panels are joined together, the size and configuration of the viewing surface.