Lighting Control and Lighting Automation Systems

LuxTac provides the ultimate control solution for all of your lighting needs, from primary wall-mounted dimmers to advanced lighting management software systems. For lighting systems fitted with LSD lamps or luminaires, incandescent or fluorescent, our lighting control system boost comfort, save energy, help activities, and ensure safe space navigation.

Our lighting automation and luxury control system is mainly designed to seamlessly merge the grace of aesthetics and innovation of technology. Our unique lighting automation system provides seamless regulation of luxury spaces, and with personalized lighting scenes and automatic lighting control, you can experience effortless comfort in your home.

We have designed a system that offers full lighting control to improve your daily life quality with our award-winning applications, modern aesthetics, and intuitive user interfaces.


Benefits of the lighting control system

Have confusion about why it is required to install a home lighting control system?

Think for a while about the given benefits of the home lighting control system and then make your decision.

  • Increase Sustainability
  • Choosing your Controls
  • Dynamic In-store Lighting
  • Optimizing controls for Hospitality
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Improved safety

You have given the freedom to transform the environment into an immersive, full-color light show. It can be done by combining automated display controllers with color-changing, and tunable white light LED luminaires. Centralized, remote light point management software provides advanced lighting management software, enabling connected lighting systems that deliver the best lighting experiences, optimize energy efficiency and durability. It also provides exceptional value beyond lighting.

For existing luxury rooms, our lighting control system can be built into new buildings or retrofitted. This lighting automation and lighting control system has become the premier automated lighting solution for luxury lighting control. It provides unmatched aesthetics, design versatility, and unparalleled control.