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Light Design & Supply

  • A good choice of lighting could change the flow of space and mood of your home
  • General illumination surrounding the environment or subject
  • Can create a more welcoming, comfortable atmosphere in almost any space
  • Could transform the look of the interiors and exteriors with the right type of light and placement

Key Features:

  • Can improve visibility, safety
  • It can also improve mood, atmosphere and social interactions
  • An ability to accurately differentiate between the colours and details.

Smart Home Control System

  • A system which is also said as “A-Touch”.
  • The name says it all, an intelligent tool that could help out in our home/ business.
  • Controlling the whole house with one simple button wherever you are.
  • This is an intelligent controller to allow you to control the Light, Home Theater, Audio/ Video distribution, Motorized Blinds/ Drapes, Security and HVAC with its own Application, Remote Control, Keypad and Control Panel.

Key Features:

  • Create a “WOW” in your home
  • Brings convenient, comfort and peace of mind
  • Combining your Home with technologies could make your Home and business SMARTER.

Lighting Automation

  • Being created to automate the changes in lighting levels to affect mood, emphasize architecture
  • LuxTac do provides professional designers to give you the best decision.
  • Different types of light could bring different type of feeling

Key Features:

  • Provide Greater Convenience
  • Add style to your home
  • Energy Management
  • Light Scheduler
  • Control via smart devices
  • Voice Control
  • Mood Lighting
  • Smart Lighting
  • Greater Efficiency
  • Safety

Audio/ Video Distribution System

  • A distribution system that ties together all the different “zones” of your house or business
  • An ability to get media from a sources to a screen or multiple screens
  • They work seamlessly from one place using control automation
  • Could connect to Youtube, Spotify, Radio and even AppleTV

Key Features:

  • Customizable
  • Simple
  • Efficient
  • Control by mobile devices – like smartphone or tablet

Home Theatre System

  • An entertainment system for the home that consist a large television with video components and surrounded with audio system
  • Have a personal movie theatre in your own home!

Key Features:

  • A place of isolation, drawing you away from the outside world
  • Get a movie theatre experience, but with zero hassle
  • Increase the value of home

Karaoke System

  • A set of instrument that could accomplish for a selection of songs as you wish.
  • A karaoke machine that consists of music player, microphone inputs
  • Auto downloading songs
  • Anyone can be a super star

Key Features:

  • Stress release anytime with zero cost
  • Show feelings and emotions
  • Showcase your talent
  • Enjoy party anytime
  • Build Confidence
Residential Shade And Drapes

Shades and Drapes

  • A housing furniture that could be control with your mobile device and other additional devices
  • Versatility, convenience and style

Key Features:

  • Save time
  • Convenience
  • Voice Commands
  • Reduce cooling costs
  • Give you an ultimate control over your living environment

Networking System

  • A computer operating system designed to support workstations and personal computers
  • Allows multiple devices within a network to communicate and share the resources with each other
  • To make sure everyone could get the equal speed and bandwidth that they require, both wired and wireless

Key Features:

  • Enhances communication and availability of information
  • Access flexibility
  • Cut costs on software
  • Utilize centralized database
  • Freedom to choose the best computer networking method
  • Improve storage efficiency and volume
  • File sharing easier
Networking System
Residential Surveillance And Security 2

Surveillance and Security

  • A technique that regulates who or what can view in a computing environment
  • An access that could keep you and the ones who you treasured safe and secure
  • To allow you to have a complete peace of mind wherever and whenever you are.
  • Access to a controlled device

Key Features:

  • Know who is at the door
  • Secure sensitive information
  • Reduce theft and accidents
  • Increase safety purposes
  • No undetected strangers
  • Streamlining Operations
  • Allow multiple location access
  • Save energy
  • Easily record history of entry
  • Improve user experience