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Manifesting the Magic of Illumination

Every space should have its own lighting concept that supports the users and complements the interior and architecture. We have the expertise to design, simulate and engineer the lighting ambience for any room or working area.

Let Your Individuality Shine Through

Come home to a warm and welcoming lighting ambience that allows you to unwind and spend time with the people you love. Create the right mood to have fun with friends over drinks at the bar or a scrumptious dinner party.


Get the perfect lighting to enhance your focus as you craft a winning business proposal. Invent your very own Masterchef dishes in your well-lit kitchen. Showcase your latest art pieces and splendour of your interior decor with precision accent lighting. At LuxTac, we can conceptualize the lighting that suits your lifestyle and reflects your taste.

An Invigorating Work Space

The right lighting design provides good visual comfort that brings out the best in your employees. With glare control and a harmonious blend of natural light and indoor lighting tools, it creates a highly conducive environment to enhance productivity and creativity. Impress your customers with a professional corporate image of your reception area, office space and conference room embellished by expertly positioned lighting designs.

A Home Away from Home

Whether it is to accentuate the grandeur of an elaborately decorated hotel lobby or elevate the appeal of a cozy little resort with an exotic tropical theme, we have the design and light fittings that will achieve the ideal ambience to bring out the essence of any hospitality establishment. Your rooms will be illuminated to create a comfortable and relaxing mood for your guests to have a memorable stay.

Unforgettable Shopping and Dining Experience

Skillfully laid out lighting design can guide your customers to focus on the featured products at your store and influence their buying behaviour. The proper light ambience and lighting tools that match the theme, music and cuisine of your restaurant will sensationalize your customers’ dining experience, ensuring they will come back for more.

Our Suite of Technical Lighting Services

LuxTac offers a comprehensive range of lighting design and consultancy services to cover all our clients’ needs. These are:


  1. Lighting concept development including 3D modelling
  2. Hand-drawn and computer-aided design (CAD) lighting layout
  3. Reflective Ceiling Plans for lighting
  4. Luminaire specifications and schedules
  5. Lighting calculations using Dialux or Relux
  6. Detailed joinery lighting design
  7. Lighting designs for specialist areas (e.g. swimming pools, public areas, theatre room)
  8. Emergency lighting design compliant with current regulations
  9. Sourcing lighting products
  10. Consultation on procurement of lighting products
  11. Landscape lighting design
  12. Lighting design for historic and public buildings
  13. Design of showcase lighting for museums, retail, private collections etc.
Discover the Lighting Possibilities

Explore the wonderful ways LuxTac can light up your living, work, retail and commercial space.
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