The home automation system is not a new term. It has been shown in several movies and TV shows. We always wonder if it’s possible to have robots work for us and bring us a glass of beer or bring us the TV remote.

Although this type of technology isn’t there yet but in a few years, we will see robots do work and humans slack in our sofas. Right now, the best thing is the Samsung fridge that can bring you snacks and bottles while you sit on the sofa. You can also do home automation systems with Google, Alexa or Install a home automation system in your house. You can basically turn off lights by just opening your smart phone. Lighting experts provide this lighting control that you can find in Luxtac.


How does this work?

This works through the power of microcontrollers. Microcontrollers are small computers that receive commands and work on them. The microcontroller or microprocessor lets you control your house. Since these microcontrollers are connected to the internet, you can easily sit on your sofa and control basically everything in your house, from lighting control to turn off your TV using voice or touching your smart phone. Some examples of automation include:


  • Setting up a time when you get coffee.
  • Leaving the room and the lights turn off automatically.
  • You use voice commands to turn on or turn off lights inside your house.
  • Your garage door opens automatically when you are in front of it, and it also closes off automatically as well.

There are many more examples that you can find on home automation systems. Most people forget or are too busy to turn off the lights. It’s best for them to install a home automation system in their homes, which will help them save time. Most of these home automation system have sensors connected to your rooms. Whenever you leave the room, the lights turn off, or if you clap, all the lights turn off. These kinds of systems are installed by experts who know what to do. So, it’s best to choose experts that are found in Luxtac. So you might be wondering how our experts will install a home automation system in your house.


How Will We Install a Home Automation System in Your House?

We are a well-known company when it comes to installing home automation systems in Malaysia. We also have several light experts who know how to deal with lighting controls and bring out the best mood outside and inside of your house. We strive to make lighting an art in Malaysia, and we can assure you that you won’t be dissatisfied with our services. You don’t have to worry much, and our experts will install everything that is needed. We also have light experts that do a better job than all landscapers in Malaysia. Here are some advantages of hiring our light experts:


Light Knowledge:

Most light designers have light knowledge. As they are experts in this area, they know what light will affect the scenario. An expert will take the blueprint, and after looking at it for a while, he or she will determine what light suits best for this situation. Not only do they come with an amazing plan, but they make sure light reaches areas where it couldn’t reach before. Here at Luxtac, our light designers are experts and come with a COLD tag to rest easy. COLD means Certified Outdoor Lighting Designer.



Most landscapers don’t have an idea when it comes to lighting, and that’s why we recommend having a light designer expert renovate your light scheme in your house. Another advantage of having a light designer is that they might create new designs and outlets for light bulbs that bring out the best mood in the house. Light designers are experts, which is their Art, so it’s best to hire light experts than local landscapers.