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For the longest time, lighting systems used to be simple and straightforward. They had nothing to do with the convenience and complexity of automation systems that let all the lights connect and form a web of integration. This meant that home automation systems such as Google home were something one could only imagine or dream about. Lighting solutions used to be highly inefficient as they had to be controlled from their own points and sockets, meaning if they weren’t switched off, they could very well suck electricity for days!

With such an inefficient system, electricity waste was a huge problem. The high figures you could be seeing on your bills could be particularly and only because of those unaccounted lights, and you wouldn’t even know about them!

However, today things have changed by a huge margin! Not only are manufacturers more and more into lighting automation, but people have also transitioned towards them. Home and office owners want their lights to be controlled from a central location more than once, while virtual assistants such as Siri and Google assistant are on an unprecedented rise.

In this blog article, we will see what makes lighting automation so great that we think your next budget estimates should consider them as a top investment!


Cost savings

All kinds of Lighting automation have one thing in common: they enable excellent savings! Having a few tens or hundreds of light bulls spread across the entire real estate of your home or office means you don’t know what lights are left turned on at any particular time of the day. And moreover, to make matters even worse, you can’t control them without shifting places and hampering your productivity.

However, light automation systems have enabled you to control and monitor all your lights from a single app or software. You can be sitting, doing all your work in your office, and still turn off that one light in the living room that was left turned on! This bridges the complication it takes to cover the physical distance that, otherwise, is a huge problem.

Moreover, automation apps also let you monitor the usage of your lights. You can know the exact power consumption of your light bulbs to see how much of your cash goes into them. This allows even better control over how you manage them to make cuts where they can be made!


With automation systems such as Google home light control, you can let your lighting solution converse and talk with other kinds of automation systems such as door locks. This means whenever a certain function is performed on one end of the system; a consequent effect can be created on the other one.

Products equipped with Google home light control are considered great in this regard as they can utilize Google home as the controlling brain of the system. Moreover, such integrations can be made in no time, meaning it doesn’t require complex programming or technical expertise. A mere wifi connection is enough to do the job!

Peace of mind

Home and office automation systems also bring peace of mind to one’s life. You can stop worrying about how many lights in your office were left turned on by verifying through the app and use the same app to turn them off.

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