Automated Lighting System’s combination with modern technology

Automated lighting is one of the most common uses of a home automation system. The home automation system will turn’ from single-touch’ process to ‘single-command’ with the advancement of services such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. The handful of smart home applications and utilities that run with it makes Google Home interesting. You can ask your Google Home to dim the lights. You can now configure a hub for all of your smart home items with Google Home Hub and monitor them on the phone or order by voice.

You can create custom lighting scenes with voice command and monitor the room’s mood and atmosphere by merely calling it in. We connect the automated lighting control via touch screens or keypads as a redundancy. We provide smart and sophisticated touch screen options and can recognize individual settings so that every room can have the perfect lighting in your Home or office.

Whether it is a workspace or a relaxing area, each room needs a different lighting level. An automated lighting system can monitor all lighting systems in a home or office via one central controller. More than just automatic lighting systems are there. Blinds, heating and cooling, and almost any audiovisual device can also be operated by voice modulation.


Energy Saving Home Automation System

Energy conservation is a priority for everyone to control cost. In this instance, when you are not in the room, home automation can be programmed to conserve energy. Sensors in the automation system can identify human behavior. Then, in unused areas, the machine focuses on turning off lights. The entire above are linked together to create an energy-efficient Google smart home.


Home Automation Systems

An integrated home automation system allows homeowners to control full house lighting systems by using a device called Google smart home.

Luxtac assures our valued customers by designing home automation systems to give them a more convenient, enjoyable, and reliable smart life. The rise in wireless technology and connectivity has enabled us to assist you in creating Google smart Home, with lighting control options, controlling every part of your house. We help you in setting up Google home light control in your homes. Using nothing more than voice commands, a visual interface, or a mobile app, you can genuinely enjoy Google smart Home’s convenience. Our home automation system is convenient and user friendly for all members of the family. With the incorporation of the home automation system, you are putting technology’s power at your fingertips.


How Luxtac may assist you!

Organize a meeting with our experienced experts to address your home automation needs to create a specially designed solution. A close relationship is required to establish your exact requirements to sit back and enjoy your home automation system to ensure the system performs.



You can incorporate home automation systems in existing homes as well as new builds. Although to ensure guaranteed performance and reliability, it is always suggested to start from zero within the smart wiring infrastructure.

No doubt, the successful implementation of Google smart home is based on smart connectivity infrastructure. While significant advances in wireless technology have made home automation quite simple, the durability of a hard-wired link will not be trumped anything. Therefore, always investing in robust and smart wiring infrastructure is our choice.